Kimagure Orange Road Singing Heart OST (New Vinyl) (Japan Pressings) (Yellow Vinyl)

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A collection of special songs from the famous TV anime series "Kimagure Orange Road" released on December 25, 1987, with the same artwork and insert, but with different vinyl colours for each titles!

Label - Universal Japan

Track List

A1 Natsu No Mirage
A2 Orange Mystery
A3 Furimuite My Darling
A4 Jenina
A5 Night Of Summer Side
A6 Mou Hitotsu No Yesterday
B1 Again
B2 Breaking Heart
B3 Salvia No Hana No You Ni
B4 Kikenna Triangle
B5 Kanashii Heart Wo Moeteru
B6 Kono Mune Ni One More Time