MEDIUM AMBIENT COLLECTION 2022 WHITE (2LP) (New Vinyl) (White Vinyl)

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  • Pressed on White Double Vinyl
  • First ever vinyl pressing of the successful compilation
  • Includes H.Takahashi (UNKNOWN ME, Kankyo Records), Hakobune and more!

"Medium Ambient Collection 2022" is the first highly acclaimed ambient compilation on the Medium label, run by electronic musician/producer Masanori Nozawa. The WHITE version includes tracks from well-known artists such as H.Takahashi (UNKNOWN ME, Kankyo Records), Hakobune, and Enitokwa, as well as Daisuke Matsuzaka, who runs the ambient festival Off-Tone (also in charge of mastering), Pollypraha, who has released music on 12k, and lyricist Yumi Iwaki. Newly re-mastered for vinyl, this is a masterpiece of a gem of a disc that deserves to be called the 2020s version of "Kankyo Ongaku".


1) ただひたすらにうまれている (抜粋) - 松坂大佑
2) Marbles - Pollypraha
3) Absorption - H.Takahashi
4) Ambertone - Shohei Takata
5) Immersion - Yoichi Ichikawa
6) Float Away - Kazuma Okabayashi
7) Shiwagara - Hakobune
8) Giant Panda - Enitokwa
9) Triamm - Z_Hyper
10) Swallow Dew - Shinji Wakasa
11) Wind Paints - Yumi Iwaki
12) 少女の夜 (Masanori Nozawa 1917-JP Edit) - mi mi mi