1979 (New Vinyl)

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  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Follow-up compulation to Time Capsule’s Nippon Acid Folk
  • Featuring Happy End, Yoshiko Sai, and more!

The kaleidoscopic psychedelia of 1970s Japan captured a fragile and fertile moment as the country sought its future in funk grooves, heavy reverb and lyrical hallucinations.

The follow-up compilation to Time Capsule’s Nippon Acid Folk, Nippon Psychedelic Soul takes myriad pathways into the tripped-out undergrowth of 1970s Japan. Finding their feet at home and looking for inspiration abroad, the musicians featured here were engaged in the communal soul-searching that followed the breakdown of the 1960s protest movements. Some made it big, others drifted into oblivion. The music they left behind shimmers with intensity.


1 Hiroshi Kamayatsu - Have you smoked Gauloise?
2 Happy End - Haruyo Koi (Come)
3 Yoshiko Sai - Aoi Galasu Dama (Blue Glass Ball)
4 Tadashi Goino Group - Jikan Wo Koero (Go Beyond Time)
5 Jun Fukamachi - Omae (You)
6 Momotaro Pink with Original PINKS - Hachigatsu No Inshow (August’s impression)
7 Vol.1 Chap.100 - Heya No Naka (In The Room)