Spawn The Album OST (RSD24) (New Vinyl)

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Throughout the 90's, crossover and blending of styles and artists were ever present, specifically in the genres of hip-hop and rock. Taking that a step further, mixing techno with nü-metal, breakbeat with rap, and DnB with hard rock, was 1997's soundtrack to the film Spawn. To match the dystopian wasteland aesthetics, this double LP is pressed on smokey red vinyl, and features the likes of Metallica, The Prodigy, Tom Morello, Cypress Hill, Moby & Slayer, just to name a few. Take the plunge deep into hell with Spawn and his foes for this sonic beatdown of a soundtrack!


Side A
1.(Can't You) Trip Like I Do - Filter / The Crystal Method
2.Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - Marilyn Manson / Sneaker Pimps
3.Satan - Orbital / Kirk Hammett Side
Side B
1.Kick The P.A. - Korn / Dust Brothers
2.Tiny Rubberband - Butthole Surfers / Moby
3.For Whom The Bell Tolls (The Irony Of It All) - Metallica / DJ Spooky
4.Torn Apart - Stabbing Westward with Wink
Side C
1.Skin Up Pin Up - Mansun / 808 State
2.ONE MAN ARMY - Prodigy / Tom Morello
3.Spawn - Silverchair / Vitro
Side D
1.T-4 Strain - Henry Rollins / Goldie
2.Familiar - Incubus / D. J. Greyboy
3.No Remorse (I Wanna Die) - Slayer / Atari Teenage Riot
4.“A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon” - Soul Coughing / Roni Size