The Elder Scrolls Online OST (4LP) (Silver Vinyl)

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Answering the call from fans for a comprehensive collection featuring the musical highlights from the hit online RPG series, the sound team at Bethesda Softworks along with composer Brad Derrick, has curated a masterful selection of 44 tunes from Tamriel that is sure to please the most staunch devotees of all persuasions whether Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer or Breton; Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Ord or Redguard.

Spanning 4 LPs, this definitive volume is housed in a quad-fold jacket and heavy board-stock slipcover and also includes a bonus 8-page 12” x 12” booklet featuring images from the game series plus expansive liner notes by Brad Derrick.


A1 For Blood, For Glory, For Honor 4:57
A2 The Three Banners: Fanfare 1:36
A3 Greenheart 4:56
A4 Granite And Ashes 3:11
A5 Northpoint Nocturne 5:23
B1 Weapons Drawn 1:45
B2 Moons Of Evening Star 5:29
B3 To Dance With Daedra 1:37
B4 Blood In The Foyada 3:24
B5 Soaring On Eagle's Wings 1:26
B6 Tides Of The Abecean Sea 5:37
C1 Onslaught At The Gates 2:00
C2 Yearning For Moonshadow 6:14
C3 Vestige Of Hope 1:25
C4 All History Is Vengeance 3:10
C5 Moth, Butterfly, And Torchbug 5:39
C6 Battledrums 1:07
D1 Landing At Abah's 0:59
D2 Reverie: Sand And Stone 6:08
D3 Stealing Sunrise 1:17
D4 Gold Coast Horizon 0:03
D5 Anvil: Sun And Shadows 5:24
D6 The Long Memory Of Minotaurs 4:50
E1 A Land Of War And Poetry 4:00
E2 Magnus Smiles On Suran 5:12
E3 Grazelands Dawn 4:58
E4 The Brass Fortress 5:24
F1 Even Paradise Has Shadows 4:01
F2 From Abysses Below And Beyond 3:06
F3 The Glory Of Certainty 0:51
F4 Starlight On Eton Nir 4:57
F5 Call Of The Hist 1:18
F6 Mists Of Murkmire 4:38
G1 A Clash Of Fang And Flame 3:57
G2 In The Shadow Of Kaalgrontiid 0:42
G3 Purr Of The Hunter 4:57
G4 A Desert Born In Twilight 5:33
G5 Blackreach Rising 4:38
H1 That First Drop Of Blood 1:28
H2 The Frozen Hearth 4:28
H3 Thirst In The Deep 4:32
H4 Three Hearts Afire 3:19
H5 Beauty Of Dawn 3:30
H6 For Blood, For Glory, For Honor (Music Box) 2:04