The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST (4LP) (New Vinyl)

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  • 4LP pressed on LITA EXCLUSIVE Cloudy Clear Vinyl
  • Includes the full 35-track game score along with 28 additional bonus tracks
  • Comes in deluxe tri-fold jacket

Packaged in a deluxe tri-fold jacket featuring stunning custom artwork, the 4LP set features the full score by renowned composers Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Piotr Musiał and Percival Schuttenbach.

Four-LP set features the full 120-minute, 35-track game score as well as the full score music from the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansion packs – 28 additional tracks – as a bonus.

Garnering a staggering 250 “game of the year” accolades as well as numerous acknowledgements to the game’s dramatic score from gaming press such as IGN (“Best Original Music”) and PlayStation Blog (“Best Soundtrack”), THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT has solidified itself as a complete, immersive gaming experience in every facet. THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT “ORIGINAL GAME SCORE” brings the enthralling aural experience of the journey of Geralt of Rivia to your living room. A world that juxtaposes visceral, menacing harshness with soft elegance-brimstone and fire, married with elusive tones reminiscent of rolling hills and reaching valleys. Be transported into a world of bustling medieval cities, sinister swamps, majestic mountains, brutal battles and epic adventure.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Soundtrack
A1 The Trail 2:49
A2 Geralt Of Rivia 2:22
A3 Ereding, King Of The Hunt 2:27
A4 Wake Up, Ciri 1:34
A5 Aen Seidhe 2:36
A6 Commanding The Fury 2:08
A7 Emhyr Var Emreis 2:29
A8 Spikeroog 3:05
B1 Silver For Monsters 2:19
B2 The Nightingale 1:39
B3 City Of Intrigues 2:06
B4 The Hunter's Path 2:52
B5 Widow-Maker 2:10
B6 The Vagabond 2:47
B7 ...Steel For Humans 1:27
B8 Fate Calls 1:58
B9 Drink Up, There's More! 1:36
C1 After The Storm 1:31
C2 Cloak And Dagger 2:46
C3 Blood On The Cobblestones 2:02
C4 Farewell, Old Friend 2:52
C5 The Song Of The Sword-Dancer 2:12
C6 The Hunt Is Coming 2:05
C7 The Fields Of Ard Skellig 3:09
C8 Ladies Of The Wood 1:51
C9 I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee As My Daughter 1:20
D1 In The Giant's Shadow 2:49
D2 Merchants Of Novigrad 3:09
D3 A Story You Won't Believe 1:37
D4 Go For It 1:08
D5 The Wolf And The Swallow 2:36
D6 Like A Wounded Animal 1:11
D7 Words On Wind 2:48
D8 On Thin Ice 1:37
D9 Hunt Or Be Hunted 2:25
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Hearts Of Stone Soundtrack
E1 Hearts Of Stone 2:53
E2 Go Back Whence You Came 1:45
E3 You're... Immortal? 2:54
E4 Evil's Soft First Touches 2:48
E5 Dead Man's Party 0:49
E6 Mystery Man 2:41
F1 Breaking In 1:40
F2 Whatsoever A Man Soweth... 2:21
F3 The House Of The Borsodis 0:49
F4 The Temple Of Lilvani 2:21
F5 A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore 4:04
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Blood And Wine Soundtrack
G1 Blood And Wine 2:57
G2 Fanfares And Flowers 3:10
G3 For Honor! For Toussaint! 2:04
G4 Blood Run 2:01
G5 The Banks Of Sansretour 3:58
G6 Wine Wars 2:04
G7 Vivienne 1:36
G8 Titans Of Infamy 1:38
H1 On The Champs-Désolés 2:02
H2 Beyond Hill And Dale... 3:04
H3 The Mandragora 1:53
H4 Tesham Mutna 2:02
H5 Wind In The Caroberta Woods 3:19
H6 The Beast Of Beauclair 1:37
H7 Searching For Cecilia Bellant 2:29
H8 The Night Of Long Fangs 1:44
H9 Lady Of The Lake 1:10