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Mato Anomalies OST (New Vinyl) (Silver Vinyl)

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  • Mato Anomalies Original Soundtrack Best Collections
  • Pressed on 180g Silver Vinyl
  • Remastered by Joe Caithness
  • Limited Edition

The world of Mato Anomalies is never peaceful. But before people can fear the inharmonious notes hidden in the corners of the city, the sounds are “corrected” and merged into the central theme by a group of unlikely champions. Will the turmoil and struggles be forgotten along with the memories and emotions that belonged to those who went through it – the sorrow, the hesitation, the resilience, the excitement, and the comfort?

In the city of Mato, such deeds and feelings would only dissipate like smoke. Fortunately, artists from another world discovered this journey and felt compelled to depict it in their fashions. Keith and Noah from ARROWIZ, Rabbit J and Polyblue from Vanguard Sound, as well as RUAN and Mi Jiayu, among others, with their keen musical intuition, infused the emotions and stories of Mato into melodies, making this album an extraordinary adventure. Now, relax your body and mind, open your senses, and indulge in this “Hubbub” once buried in the crowd.

Collaborating with developer Arrowiz Games, A+ Record is proud to present, the best collections of Mato Anomalies original soundtrack is in 1LP 180g silver vinyl, the limited edition release with numbers on the back of the gatefold, comes with a two-sided liner, remaster for vinyl by Joe Caithness.


A1 惶乐园 = Elysium
A2 漫步 = Stroll
A3 小憩 = Nap
A4 硝烟 = Smoke
A5 长梦 = Long Dream
A6 重雾 = Heavy Fog
A7 鼠影 = Shadow Of Rats
A8 市井笙歌 = Street Party
A9 城隙 = Chasm
A10 迷思 = Lost In Mind
A11 生还悖论 = Survival Paradox
A12 无忧 = Leisure
A13 共感 = Perception Sharing
A14 挽歌 = Lament
A15 时光情人 = Lover Of Time
B1 奔星 = Shooting Star
B2 亢 = Euphoria
B3 燎原 = Wildfire
B4 出将 = Debut
B5 狂潮 = Frenzy
B6 畸语 = Distorted Words
B7 安魂曲 = Requiem
B8 最后的勇气 = Last Courage
B9 告别 = Farewell
B10 谜底 = The Answer