Wong Hin Yan 黃衍仁

A Night to Call, Tales to Tell《嚼事知夜》Live Recording (2LP)

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2023年3月,紮根香港的獨立音樂廠牌「明日未知」將發行首張作品 ——黃衍仁的《嚼事知夜》音樂會現場錄音專輯。


2023年4月舉行題為《嚼事知夜》的專輯發布會,9月載譽重演。演出以《折墮忘形》歌曲為主軸,演奏由爵士樂普及團體「翻騰三週半」成員Nelson Fung重新編曲的現場版本,並與「翻騰」色士風手Brian Cheung和長笛結他手ike組成「嚼事知友」樂隊同台演繹,帶來兩次值得反覆咀嚼的演出。

香港另類音樂場景出品本已不多,製作精良的現場錄音少之又少,「明日未知」很榮幸能跟衍仁合作推出這張曲、詞、演奏俱佳的現場錄音作品。《嚼事知夜》專輯將以雙黑膠唱片的形式發行,由衍仁親自擔任監製和混音,台灣112F studio負責母帶製作,再於英國The Vinyl Factory壓制。團隊期望能將作品推向更廣大的非華語聽眾,邀得Koel Chu將詩詞翻譯成英語。


Wong Hin-yan “A Night to Call, Tales to Tell” Live Recording

Hong Kong-based new independent label “UN.TOMORROW” is set for its first ever release in March 2024 —— “A Night to Call, Tales to Tell”, a live recording album by Hong Kong singer-songwriter Wong Hin-yan. 
Hin-yan released his third album “折墮忘形” in 2022, while the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. The album revolves around key existential problems, including the nauseating experience of the modern world, collective trauma, helplessness in the face of natural or manmade disasters, and the clarity after prolonged desperation. 

“A Night to Call, Tales to Tell” is a live recording of a release show in April 2023. While songs from “折墮忘形” formed the bulk of the repertoire, they were given new arrangements by bassist Nelson Fung, co-founder of local jazz collective Fountain de Chopin. The live band reunited for a second performance in September the same year to overwhelmingly positive responses.
UN.TOMORROW is excited to release this one-of-a-kind record with Hin-yan, to showcase the live capabilities of Hong Kong musicians. “A Night to Call, Tales to Tell” will be released as a double-LP, with Hin-yan as producer and mixing engineer, mastered by Taiwan’s 112F Studio, and pressed by the Vinyl Factory in the UK. The collective enlisted Ms. Koel Chu as translator for Hin-yan’s lyrics, in the hope of bringing his words to a wider non-Chinese speaking audience. While Hin-yan may have been known for his award-winning film scores, we wish to showcase his prowess and emotional depth as a songwriter and musician through this live album.


⁠01. 無題詩之一 Untitled Poem I
02. 麵包與玫瑰 Bread and Roses
03. 香港浮沉 Hong Kong Adrift
04. 默想空曠 Meditate on Spaciousness
05. 濁水漂流 Drifting
06. 世間有鐘反覆敲響 There is a Bell That Tolls Incessantly
07. 還欠一項證明 Still One More Proof is Needed
08. 絕望是一種福音 Despair is a Kind of Gospel
09. 上山的路像夢般崎嶇 The Uphill Road is as Winding as a Dream
10. 酒徒 The Drunkard
11. 人皆有上帝 Everyone Has God
12. 逆風吐痰 Spitting Against the Wind