Yoshio Suzuki (鈴木良雄)

Morning Picture (New Vinyl)

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  • 1974 Reissue

  • Japan Pressing

Morning Picture', the work of 1984, became the pioneer of the trend of ambient music that flourished in the mid-1980s.

This work, in which he knitted all the songs by himself and confined a beautiful melody, was released by Klaus Schulze's 'Innovative Communication at that time, and Floating Points picked it with his own DJ MIX, both domestically and internationally. It is being evaluated.

In recent years, the long-awaited recurrence of the masterpiece, which is recognized as a masterpiece of high-purity modern new age-ambient, and also as a representative work of Japanese Balearic.




A1 - Our Sunday Morning
2 - What Do You Do When It's Spring?
3 - Kane
A4 - Dancing Snow
A5 -
Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow
B1 -
B2 September Walk
B3 -
The Bagel
B4 -
Morning Picture B5 - The Mirage