Yukimasa Takebe 武部行正

Yuusugebito No Uta (New Vinyl)

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  • Originally released in 1972
  • Yukimasa Takebe’s only album
  • Pressed on black vinyl

This is the only album by the legendary singer/songwriter Yukimasa Takebe. One of the best recordings of all time, reminiscent of Neil Young’s “Harvest”. The beautiful music and lyrical world. A great masterpiece of quality Folk-Rock that sings about the anxieties and hopes of youth. Originally released in 1972.



A1 暖かい木曜日の午後
A2 風景
A3 円か
A4 引越し
A5 ソロモングランディの静かな日々
A6 今日は寒いのでセーターなどを着て
B1 春の歌
B2 冬仕度
B3 こんないい日は久しぶり
B4 らいともちーふ
B5 風が舞う日に
B6 また散らかしっぱなしの秋が来て

Junji Ariyama: Acoustic / Classic guitar, flute
Takashi Nishioka: Acoustic guitar, Conga, Mouth-harp
Isato Nakagawa: Acoustic/Electric/Dobro guitar
Hiro Yanagida: Cello, Piano, Organ, Strings
Hideaki Takebe: Bass
Chito Kawachi: Drums
Masahiro Takekawa: Violin
Yukimasa Takebe: Acoustic-guitar, Vocal